A Forum and a Fair on New Engagement for Integration, Piraeus

The forum was organized by Symbiosis, Piraeus Municipality and the Royal Embassy of Norway. It aimed to bring together key actors from across Greece – including government and municipality representatives, civil society organizations, migrant and refugee associations – involved in improving data use and communication for integration and social cohesion. It included presentations, discussions, workshops and a cultural program.

The Framework

Social cohesion rests upon the democratic rule of law and respect for human rights, while designing and implementing sustainable and just social inclusion policies depends on informed and well-communicated decisions based on the active participation. Efficient, thorough and verified evidence collection and analysis are key to understanding the roots and patterns of migration, on both a local and national level, and developing policies and practices to build social inclusion and cohesion. Yet data collection alone does not prevent violations of the rule of law and the discriminatory implementation of policies, unless misinformation and unaccountable hidden practices are consistently exposed and combated.

The forum presented an opportunity for reflection and collective engagement on key issues, communicating important messages to government officials, civil society organizations and concerned associations, whilst openly advocating for concrete developments.

December 10, 2018

In the Media

Project Duration

24 Months (01/01/2018 – 31/12/2019)

The Partnership


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Anti-Gypsyism and Racist Violence



Guide on Legal Gender Recognition in Greece

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