Despina Syrri has been Visiting Fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Director of Research and International Cooperation at the Immigration Policy Institute in Greece, and has worked with the Reuters News Agency, Athens News Agency, the South East Europe Research Centre, the Berlin Migration Netzwerk, the British Council, the Refugee Studies Centre and the EastWest Institute on issues of post-conflict development, migration, refugees, borders and the Western Balkans integration to the European Union. She taught Political Science and Political Anthropology at the American College of Thessaloniki, worked for 1988 to today with International Organisations (Council of Europe, Stability Pact for South East Europe) and NGOs in Southern Africa, East Europe and South East Europe, as well as in election observation and human rights missions with the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, published journal articles and book chapters in Greek, South Slavic and English, authored research papers and documentaries. During 2010-2011 she coordinated the Migration and Intercultural Education in Thessaloniki project, is currently involved in developing post-graduate degrees at EU level on Humanitarian Action (EUPHRA EC project), in training police on interculturalism (EIF programme) as well as in research on detention centres at the Greek-Turkish border and the treatment of third country nations at Europe's periphery with ELIAMEP and the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, is directing Symβiosis, and is a member of the Thessaloniki Migrants' Integration Council.

Since 1997 Ljubisa Vrencev worked with various national and international NGOs on migration in Greece, local development and projects related to refugees and IDPs in Serbia, FYROM, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. As consultant he also worked with UNOPS, UNDP, Cooperazione Italiana and International Organization for Migration on various research projects aimed to assess situation in collective camps for refugees and on development of policies for sustainable return of Serbian IDPs from Kosovo. Mr. Vrencev hold's Master's degree in Local Development for the Balkans from the University of Trento. He has been a lecturer for a number of seminars and attended numerous conferences related to local development issues. His last engagement was as a Program Coordinator at Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence as manager of the Public Dialogue Initiative on Sustainable use of Energy in Southeastern Europe. He speaks fluently South Slavic languages, English, Italian and Greek, has numerous publications and is an expert on communication and new technologies.

Kleopatra Yousef is a consultant at EUROPEAN PROFILES Public Affairs Consulting Company and external collaborator at ANCE NGO, in Athens Greece. She has graduated from the Social Administration Department of the Democritus University of Thrace in Athens and holds a Master of Science degree on the subject of "European Politics and Policies" from the Department of Social and Political Sciences of the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven (KUL), Belgium (2005). Her work focuses on migrants' and refugees' rights in the Southern European and North African countries. Her research experience includes the Middle-East, North Africa and wide Euro-Mediterranean area focusing on issues such as integration of third-country nationals and community development. (EuropeAid project on "Bridging the Gap: Building Community Empowerment And Sustainable Development in Southern Giza Marginal Communities", EuropeAid project on"Promoting a rights-based and non-discriminatory approach to reception of migrants and refugees by public authorities and civil society actors in Egypt''). She has also recently looked into human smuggling in Greece as part of a UNODC project on human smuggling in Northern Africa.