Presenting Borderline Offensive: a Workshop on Art, Humour and Activism

On September 14, 2020, Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece held a Workshop on Art, Humour and Activism at the French Institute of Thessaloniki. The workshop took place within the framework of Borderline Offensive: laughing in the face of fear project and the event Art has No Borders! Art has No Colours! co-organised by Symbiosis and Collectif Mazi.

During the workshop, the Borderline Offensive: laughing in the face of fear project was presented, which is a platform for artistic research and art-based societal development. European and Middle Eastern artists explore issues of migration, sociological contact zones, intercultural conflict and dialogue, collective identity-building, and community cohesion in contemporary Europe through new artistic creations.

Discussing art and change, exploring through short videos how art and humour work for equality, against urban segregation, about the movement Black Lives Matter and making plans for future local art projects.

Humour (aesthetic approach) and participatory arts (methods) are employed to guide interaction, dialogue, and cooperation between the migrant and host communities, inviting its members to share knowledge, respect and laugh together, at the same things and at themselves.

Short Film

Presenting Borderline Offensive: Art, Humour and Activism

Collectif MAZI is a grassroots team of artists created in 2018 in Thessaloniki. It is comprised of approx. 30 artists, some of which are refugees others are migrants, while others are local, that share a common passion for arts and creation – the motivation force behind Collectif MAZI; together with the determination of Richard Lusakumunu, who inspired and drives this initiative.

Project Duration

2017 – 2021

The Partnership

The event was supported by


ASAP: Accessing services, Sharing Approaches and Practices



‘Hygieia’ Project



EPIC – European Platform of Integrating Cities