“Greece in the New Europe” Seminar

The Seminar Greece in New Europe held in Thessaloniki from 2 to 4 of November, explored developments in the European Union and issues centered on the themes of democracy, integration and citizenship, in order to reflect on the future of the European project.

The seminar analyzed issues on the future of the European Union following elections in France, Germany and Austria, and in anticipation of negotiations on the restructuring of the European Union.

Sixty years after the signing of the Treaties of Rome, approximately twenty-five participants reflected on the purpose of having a common Europe, how the EU should redefine its position in relation to global politics, and on whether it could provide credible policy responses to contemporary challenges.

Moreover, it explored the EC-proposed White Paper for the Future of Europe, and analyzed potential political actions to renew the EU’s legitimacy. Additionally, the seminar focused on several key areas of EU integration, identifying problems and solutions, and theorized about Greece’s role and position within such solutions.

Speakers included academics and policy makers, journalists, civil society actors, and professionals working for European Institutions. The seminar’s outreach was amplified by Symβiosi’s cooperation with the Department of Political Sciences at Aristotle University which led to the Conference: “Towards a Europe of Multi-Speed? Challenges and Impacts for the EU and Greece”. Speakers included MPs, MEPs, and policy makers from international organizations and European Union Institutions.

Read an article on the FORA Seminar by Greek online media page TVXS here.


Project Duration

9 Months (October 2017 – June 2018)

The Partnership


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